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Tom Cuppello
Jan 18, 2024 Spotlight

Vestigo Financial Model Support

Recently we have supported numerous lenders to improve their financial and business planning models. If your models are difficult to use, inconsistent or no longer fit for purpose, our team can help.

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The Vestigo team have worked with a number of lenders looking to improve their planning and financial modelling processes.

Some of the issues that our clients have come to us with include:

  • A financial model that is difficult to use, with hard-coded fixes and a lack of transparency
  • Inefficient scenario building mechanics, resulting in a model that is slow to produce results
  • Multiple unlinked files used for similar processes, delivering different versions of the truth
  • A planning process that has developed organically over the years and become cumbersome
  • Lack of trust in model results due to known model issues or over-complicated workarounds

We have supported both lenders and investors in financial model projects ranging from model reviews, scenario testing exercises, existing model build-outs, and full bespoke model builds. Thanks to the team's financial modelling experience, technical expertise and excellent analytical ability, we are able to overcome our clients' pain points, and deliver slick and efficient solutions. The result for our clients is a robust model that offers flexibility while incorporating key controls and stress testing capabilities, allowing them to have full confidence in their business planning process.

For more information some of our recent financial model projects, check out the case studies below, or contact the team.


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