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Lender Support

Regulatory Model Component Build

  • Client: Secured Lender
  • Project Length: 2 Weeks
  • Personnel: Consultant + Analyst Team
CS Reg Component 1


Following an independent expert review, a UK mortgage lender needed to improve the accuracy of their post-repossession loss calculations to bring their methodology in line with industry best-practice

The required adjustments to the application of the Forced Sale Discount (FSD) brought additional complexity which the existing framework could not accommodate. This required a broad scope from Vestigo to ensure the model was implemented successfully and any potential downstream impacts were accommodated

The timescales to derive, approve and implement the changes was tight, leaving the lender concerned that they would be unable to produce a compliant model ahead of their implementation deadline

CS Reg Component 2


Vestigo were engaged to develop a technical solution which satisfied the requirements of the external party while sitting alongside the existing process

It was essential that the new process be transparent and justifiable, so that the lender could evidence the reasoning behind their figures

The team ensured our approach aligned with the technologies already in use, allowing the lender to own any future updates as the regulations evolve

As well as building the solution framework, Vestigo undertook bespoke economic forecasting using the lender’s historic data to define the inputs required by the new process

The completed project included testing, handover, and output validation, allowing the lender to produce robust and more accurate estimations within regulatory deadlines

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