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Vision: Reporting as a Service

Best-in-class reporting, delivered as a service

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Vestigo Vision leverages the deep lending experience of the Vestigo team

Industry-leading reports delivered each month, putting the right information in front of the right people

With a pyramid design, reports are designed to offer immediate insight to users of all levels
Monthly risk reports are delivered seamlessly to key stakeholders, allowing internal resource to focus on other projects
Management can have full confidence that decisions are driven and supported by genuine understanding of their loan book
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Lack of Insight → Poor Decisions

The Vestigo team undertakes credit risk, modelling and commercial analytics activities for numerous lenders in the consumer and SME spaces, from large household names to non-traditional and specialist lenders

A common source of frustration within our clients is the lack of access to well-designed, insightful regular credit risk reports

Without a clear view of performance, customer behaviour, and portfolio make-up, decision makers do not have the information necessary to make well-informed strategic decisions

How Vestigo Vision Can Help

Application Flow & Decisioning

Understand your application funnel:

  • How are applications converting?
  • What % of decisions are manual?
  • What are the main rejection reasons

Origination Profiling

Track mix and performance of new lending:

  • What is the profile of new business?
  • How is the early performance of originations tracking vs expectation?

Portfolio Stock & Flow

Pick out key movements and behaviours of the book:

  • What accounts are flowing in and out of the book?
  • What are the KPIs of the portfolio, and how do these vary by segment and vintage?

Collections & Recoveries

Recognise the pressure points within your portfolio:

  • How is the collections process performing?
  • What is the flow to default, and how do these recover or lead to asset sale?

Custom Segments & Focus Items

Drill down to what matters most to your business:

  • Are there any hot spots or red flags within the portfolio?
  • What is the concentration risk in the loan book?

Portfolio Forecasting

Within the same Vision ecosystem, produce a future view of your portfolio:

  • What cashflows will your portfolio produce if performance continues?
  • How will margins change under different new lending assumptions?
  • What happens to the portfolio under stress scenarios?
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We build analytical solutions that are focused on your real-world objectives

Vestigo Partners are a team of experienced and dynamic analytics and credit risk professionals established in 2017.

With a strong pedigree in financial services and credit risk, and experience across a broad range of lending products and markets, we deliver comprehensive, actionable solutions to drive your business forward.

Experienced risk and analytics consultancy

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Building analytical solutions that are focused on your real-world objectives

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