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Lender Support

Growing Lender Support

  • Client: Any Lender
  • Project Length: Variable
  • Personnel: Flexible, depending on need
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Credit risk as a service

Vestigo has experience providing long term support to growing lenders, delivering access to leading credit risk expertise and analytical tools quickly and cost effectively

With an ability to cover all analytical and credit risk challenges through the lifecycle of a loan, Vestigo can provide the capability to reduce bad debt and drive better portfolio performance

Vestigo support spans the entire credit risk spectrum, from product design and pricing, through to end-of-loan workout strategy

Leveraging our advanced capabilities allows new or expanding lenders to achieve their development road-map quickly and efficiently

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Design your partnership

Our flexible engagement approach drives a bespoke partnership for every client, allowing you to build the service to match the specific needs of your business in a cost-effective manner

The Vestigo team has hands-on credit risk management experience, including running credit risk functions and providing out-sourced and in-sourced analytics and credit risk services

Practical expert guidance underpins all partnerships with Vestigo, ensuring access to market-leading tools, analytical capability, and industry expertise

Throughout the partnership, Vestigo will be available for ad-hoc consumer lending expertise to quickly answer real-word questions raised by senior management

Benefits of engaging with Vestigo

CS Portfolio Monitoring 1

Put in place a risk governance framework, including the design and production of a comprehensive credit risk report, allowing you to make decisions based on accurate and coherent information.

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CS Outsourced Risk Man 1

Accurately forecast key drivers of your portfolio, such as interest income, and understand how new originations, loan amortisation and seasonality effect your KPIs.

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CS New Lender Support 3

Achieve a better understanding of the profile of your customers, and design offerings that accurately reflect the associated risk, rather than settling for a one-size-fits-all approach.

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