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Data Validation for a Growing Lender

  • Client: Secured Lender
  • Project Length: Ongoing
  • Personnel: Consultant + Analyst Team
CS Data Validation 1


To be a dynamic lender, data points should be collected from numerous sources and systems – both internal and external – all throughout a customer’s lifecycle, and fully digested by the analytics teams to enable senior leaders to understand what is truly happening in the business

Maintaining coherent and consistent data as additional sources are brought on board or additional portfolios integrated can be a significant challenge, especially as documentation continues to be pushed to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list and subject matter experts leave

Following a significant round of investment in the client, an initiative to build a data source to support the reporting and analytics of a data-led business was executed successfully

The senior leadership of the client and the investors sought comfort in the data underpinning the reporting and, ultimately, confidence that the decisions they were making were based on a foundation of accurate and robust information

CS Data Validation Wide
CS Data Validation 2


Vestigo was engaged to independently assess the quality and consistency of the data that would be used to drive business decisions

A suite of data validation checks were created, covering both static and dynamic consistency, transaction reconciliation and logical tests to understand if there were any issues

Distributions of nearly 200 variables were compared, with the number of missing/default values validated against expectation for each variable type

The output report and insight into the data fields provided by Vestigo enabled the client to begin a suite of initiatives to clarify and simplify the data items provided

The validation report has subsequently been repopulated to feed back on progress as the development team work towards the shared goal of a single version of the truth

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