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Sept 13, 2018 Organisation

Vestigo Growth Continues into Year 2

Now firmly into our second year of trading, Vestigo celebrates an exciting first year and looks forward to the year ahead.

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Vestigo are now firmly established in our second year of trading. It has been an exciting and varied first year, during which Vestigo have successfully engaged with a wide range of businesses in financial services. The team are looking forward to expanding our client-base further in the coming year, and helping deliver value through new and existing partnerships. There have been some fascinating developments in the world of data science, such as Open Banking, AI and machine learning, and the team are ready to help our clients harness their true potential.

To give a taste of what we have been working on recently, we have put together three brief case studies:

Credit Risk Support for Growing Lenders

One of the main challenges a growing lender faces is access to credit risk expertise through the full lending lifecycle. A drive for robust and scalable processes and a broadening of focus away from pure origination can mean internal resource are stretched, and external support and expertise becomes invaluable.

The Vestigo team have worked with several growing lenders on a variety of engagements, from full risk team outsourcing, working closely with the board to deliver best practice risk management, to specific credit risk support, such as bespoke scorecard development, affordability strategy design, pricing and reporting.

SME Portfolio Analytics and Forecasting

Vestigo have worked with a number of clients interested in investing in SME portfolios or lenders. We were engaged to carry out granular data analysis to provide detailed information to understand recent trends in the business and identify areas of concern.

Bespoke forecasting models, developed by the Vestigo team, give our clients a clear view of potential returns by sector, in both baseline and severe downturn scenarios.

European NPL Pricing for a Debt Purchaser

A large Debt Purchaser was seeking expert support in pricing NPLs across Europe. With internal resources under pressure, an external source of accurate and efficient pricing was critical.

The Vestigo team built a proprietary segmentation pricing process to underpin the businesses existing valuation framework. This was deployed on a service basis by the Vestigo project team, who analyse and manipulate vendor data, reconcile to the IM, raise issues and red flags, and produce initial valuations. Pricing output is overlaid with our expert European NPL market knowledge, helping the client to gain a competitive edge in the bidding process.


Practicalities of AI and Machine Learning

As a data analytics business, AI and Machine Learning have been hot topics in the Vestigo office. With a focus on practical solutions, we have been investigating the key wins, vital considerations and potential pitfalls when looking to implement these models within real business processes. Contact us for more information, and look out for our upcoming white paper on this complex and interesting topic.

If you are interested in finding out how Vestigo could help your business, please get in touch.


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