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Tom Cuppello
Mar 23, 2020 Organisation

Delivering Remote Projects with Vestigo Partners

The Vestigo team wishes everyone well during this period of uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

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One of the most difficult things businesses are facing during this time is to continue to function effectively while the majority of the workforce is fragmented across multiple locations. We wanted to share the measures Vestigo have taken to ensure we can support businesses fully while maintaining the health and safety of our employees.

As a consultancy built on the premise of delivering projects of all sizes to clients remotely, we are fortunate that working collaboratively from various locations is something that the Vestigo team are accustomed to. This means we are able to ensure the safety of our colleagues and our communities through working from home and remote collaboration, while still delivering projects to support our clients.

We hope this agility can be put to use helping all of our clients continue to deliver business critical activities when some of the workforce may be unavailable.

Most importantly, we hope you are able to stay healthy during this difficult time. If you are interested in finding out how Vestigo could help your business function effectively throughout this tough period, please get in touch.


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